Jürgen Siebel took up his duties today as Cedefop Executive Director. Mr Siebel was selected to the post by the European Commission. He joins Cedefop from the private sector.

Born in Bremen, Germany, he earned an MSc in economics from the University of Hamburg and a PhD in business and economics from the University of Vienna.

Mr Siebel worked for German company Siemens in various leading operational and strategic roles for 20 years before joining Cedefop. As Head of Strategy, Portfolio and International Operations at the professional education department (2013-19), he promoted work-based learning as a key sourcing channel, and extended the company’s apprenticeship programmes globally to countries as diverse as Argentina, Egypt, Hungary and India.

He has been a keen follower of Cedefop’s work and, in his new capacity, will lead the EU agency in fulfilling the objective set out in its new Regulation ‘to support the promotion, development and implementation of the Union policy in the field of vocational education and training as well as skills and qualifications policies by working together with the Commission, Member States and social partners.’

Mr Siebel said: ‘I feel privileged to be leading Cedefop’s team in such exciting times. Vocational education and training is, and will be, a vital component of any education reform agenda. We need to boost young people’s employability and support adults in maintaining theirs. With its tripartite stakeholders and expert staff, Cedefop is ideally positioned and capable of facilitating the processes needed to build Europe’s workforce for the digital era.’

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