Europes 23 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a major source of jobs, entrepreneurial skills, innovation as well as economic and social cohesion in the EU.
This is why the European Commission has tabled a new, more pragmatic, comprehensive and inclusive policy for Europes SMEs today, 10th November 2005.

By improving synergies between policy areas and by establishing a genuine partnership between the EU and Member States actions, this will help make SMEs more competitive, by streamlining EU policy instruments.

The Commission proposes to integrate the Think Small First Principle into all policies both at the national and EU level to make them truly SME friendly. Better regulation is another key area for SMEs. The Commission is committed to simplifying regulations and to ensuring that the forthcoming legislation does not inhibit SMEs growth and innovation potential. To reduce the information gap between the European institutions and businesses, the Communication calls for a more regular and structured dialogue with SME stakeholders.

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