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ReferNet, Cedefop's European network provides regularly national updates on vocational education and training.Please have a look at the latest news from the member states:

Austria - individual learning support
by ReferNet Austria

Belgium - a training centre for trainers in French-speaking Belgium
by ReferNet Belgium

Bulgaria - incentives for employers to provide jobs and apprenticeships to young unemployed are included in the new Employment Promotion Law
by ReferNet Bulgaria

Bulgaria - revision of national youth strategy
by ReferNet Bulgaria

Croatia - drafting a strategy for education, science and technology
by Refernet Croatia

Czech Republic - tax benefits for companies in return for VET support
by ReferNet Czech Republic

Estonia - reform of curricula in vocational education and training
by ReferNet Estonia

Finland - restructuring upper secondary education
by ReferNet Finland

Finland - facts about international mobility of Finnish training personnel
by ReferNet Finland

France - assessing policies for combating early school-leaving
by ReferNet France

Germany - Mama is an apprentice
by ReferNet Germany

Germany - five years VerA initiative - senior experts support over 3000 trainees
by ReferNet Germany

Germany - vocational qualifications promise good job perspectives
by ReferNet Germany

Germany - dual study courses grow continuously
by ReferNet Germany

Hungary - Skills Hungary to host EuroSkills 2018 in Budapest
by ReferNet Hungary

Iceland - testing skills and choosing a school
by ReferNet Iceland

Iceland - positive results from the audit on adult education
by ReferNet Iceland

Iceland - white paper suggests complete restructuring of vocational education and training
by ReferNet Iceland

Ireland - new apprenticeships on the way as part of overhaul
by ReferNet Ireland

Latvia - modularisation of VET and work-based learning
by ReferNet Latvia

Lithuania - sectoral practical training centres officially opened
by ReferNet Lithuania

Lithuania - agreements between Ministry of Education and Science and employers for constructive dialogue
by ReferNet Lithuania

Luxembourg - offering training for the logistic and transport sector
by ReferNet Luxembourg

Luxembourg - ’Be my buddy’ for better transition from school to working life
by ReferNet Luxembourg

Luxembourg - launching the youth guarantee
by ReferNet Luxembourg

Malta - reform of national apprenticeship schemes
by ReferNet Malta


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