The Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Employees have adapted Basic-check to the Luxembourgish context and are providing it free of charge to pupils from the fifth grade of general secondary education (corresponds to the ninth year of secondary education). The check examines pupils’ knowledge and aptitudes, helping them to set up a competence profile which helps their decision-making in respect of apprenticeship training.

Basic-check can be considered an orientation tool that indicates whether or not a pupil satisfies the required conditions for a specific apprenticeship. While the tool is independent of the different professions, interpretation of the results is profession-specific. The questions, answered online, are designed to help evaluate linguistic, mathematical and practical knowledge as well as a pupil’s capacity in spatial visualisation. The questions cover abilities in spatial representation, logic, practical and numeric (algebra, geometric) as well as linguistic reflexion (text comprehension), and imagination.

While basic-check is conceived as an orientation tool, it does not substitute official scholar results which are the final determinant of access to a particular apprenticeship.