The study Lifelong learning - Policy instruments to foster training of the employed provides insights into the effect of government policies to stimulate entrepreneurs and employees to take up training.

The main report of this study on Lifelong Learning, focusing on policy instruments to foster training of the employed has been published as Volume 1. 
Volume 2 Summary Report contains a summary of the main report, the chapter on conclusions and policy recommendations (Chapter 6 in Volume 1) and the description of the selected good practices (Annex of the main report).

This report has been prepared by a project team of EIM Business and Policy Research ( and SEOR, a research company of Erasmus University Rotterdam (, both established in the Netherlands

The study was commissioned and financed by The Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission.

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Vol 2 - Summary report


Vol 1 - Main report


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