In a context of dynamic and complex labour markets, intelligence on current and future skill needs can support better matching of skills and jobs, which is important for every country. Cedefop, the European Training Foundation and the International Labour Office have combined expertise to develop a compendium of methodological guides on anticipation and matching of skill supply and demand.

The series, now complete with the publication of the last volume, consists of:

The compendium brings together state-of-the-art international good practice and experience worldwide. The six guides complement each other. They include both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and advocate strong social dialogue and institutions conducive to a better grasp of skills needs of tomorrow.

They target professionals, policy-makers, research commissioners, social partners and experts who need an overview of how different anticipation and matching methodologies can generate reliable labour market information and how information and evidence can be analysed and used for the development of policy interventions or adjustments in education and employment strategies.