The Council has adopted the conclusions on "enchancing partnership between education and training institutions and social partners, in particular employers, in the context of lifelong learning.

The conclusions emphasises that:

  1. education and training institutions at all levels from schools through to vocational, adult and higher education institutions should seek greater openness and responsiveness to the wider world and actively communicate with other partners in society at large.
  2. partnerships between education and training institutions and employers have a particular role to play in enhancing learners employability, entrepreneurial potential and familiarity with the working world.
  3. partnerships based on trust and dialogue can offer mutual benefits for all those involved: greater awareness of trends in the labour market can help to make learning more responsive to future needs and increase student motivation by providing a clear context for learning.

The Council refers to the work of Cedefop regarding in conducting economic and labour market development forecasts, as well as in making projections for skills and competence requirements for the European labour market, and in this context implement other relevant recommendations of the "New Skills for New Jobs" initiative.