Proposal for a Council Decision on Community strategic guidelines on cohesion {SEC(2006) 929}
Brussels, 13.7.2006
COM(2006) 386 final

Cohesion policy already contributes to the Lisbon strategy. Independent evaluations show that the policy has had a substantial macro-economic impact, especially in the less-developed regions, with multiplier effects on the EU as a whole. By mobilising the potential for growth that exists in all regions, cohesion policy has improved the geographical balance of economic development and raised the potential rate of growth in the Union as a whole. If the EU is to achieve its Lisbon targets, all regions especially those where the potential for higher productivity and employment is greatest have their part to play.

In addition, cohesion policy contributes to strengthening economic and political integration through, for example, developing infrastructure networks and access to services of general interest, raising the skills of the Communitys citizens, enhancing the accessibility of remote regions and promoting cooperation.

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