The i2010 Conference being held in London on Tuesday 6 September is the flagship UK Presidency ICT conference and is a key opportunity for governments and business from across the EU to actively contribute to defining the i2010 ICT strategy that will take the EU forward until 2010.

The i2010 conference will be split into three separate sections:

  • An introductory plenary session in which keynote speakers will identify the policy challenges for Europe, the central role of ICT in economic growth and labour productivity and its role in influencing European competitiveness, the degree of success that we have had in meeting our objectives under the Lisbon programme for structural economic reform in Europe, and the gap between Europe and our global competitors.
  • Three parallel working sessions covering the three constituents of i2010:
              Information Space
              Innovation & Investment
  • The concluding plenary session will take the form of a debate which will challenge the assumptions and conclusions of the working sessions. We hope to see a thought-provoking discussion as to how far what is proposed for i2010 will actually meet the Lisbon goals; what policies need to be adopted in order to ensure that i2010 delivers appropriate and flexible solutions that are able to address the individual circumstances and requirements of individual Member States; and, what further work is needed in order to agree a practical and effective programme of actions.

Translation Information: Please note that the plenary sessions will be translated into French, German, English, Italian and Spanish. There will be no translation of the workstream sessions.

Event details

Event Date(s)
05/09/2005 - 06/09/2005
Event Type
Cumberland Hotel, London
United Kingdom