Agora conference

How much progress has Europe achieved  in making its vocational education and training (VET) systems  the best in the world?  How close are we to a truly European era of vocational education and training ? What steps are needed to achieve this goal?

These are some of the issues for debate at the Agora conference, co-organised by Cedefop and the Czech Presidency of the European Union (EU), with the participation of Mr Jan Figel', EU Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth,  and the Education Ministers of the Czech Republic and Greece.

The debate will focus on the results of Cedefops 2009 Policy Report 'Continuity, consolidation and change: Towards a European era of vocational education and training'.  The Policy Report is a review of progress achieved in implementing the European priorities in VET to which 31 ministers with responsibility for VET, the European Commission, and the European social partners have committed themselves since 2002 (under the Copenhagen Process).  

The Agora will focus on three areas:

  • implementing common European tools and principles to support lifelong learning;
  • promoting excellence and innovation in VET;
  • improving links between VET and the labour market.

The conference, conceived as a follow up to  Cedefops Agora Building a European VET Area, co-organised with the German EU Presidency in April 2007, will allow policy-makers, researchers and practitioners to consider future steps and perspectives for vocational education and training, beyond 2010.

Event details

Event Date(s)
16/03/2009 - 17/03/2009
Event Type
Thessaloniki, Cedefop


Eleonore van de Veerdonk