Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the production and development of statistics on education and lifelong learning
Brussels, 6.12.2005
COM(2005) 625 final

Comparable statistics and indicators on education, training and lifelong learning are of increasing importance for the European Union to support the open method of coordination in the area of education and training policy. They are also necessary for policy discussions on human capital, innovation, growth and competitiveness in the framework of employment, research and innovation and economic policies.

Education and training statistics were developed in the past decade based on the agreement of countries to work in the area (gentlemen's agreement) as a response to the Council Resolution of 5 December 1994 on the promotion of education and training statistics in the European Union (94/C 374/02).

However, since the Lisbon European Council the demand is increasing and both countries and the Commission acknowledge the need to specify and formalise the request in the form of a legal basis in order to be able to plan the resources necessary to achieve quality improvements and to carry out new surveys if necessary.

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