RAI, Italy's national public television, and ISFOL, the Institute for developing vocational training of workers, have signed a memorandum of understanding to produce joint audiovisual content on ISFOL’s research topics, and a weekly TV programme to increase knowledge about lifelong learning, vocational education and training (VET), employment, entrepreneurship, guidance and European policies.

The idea is to explore new ways of communicating research results on VET-relevant topics to the general public. The memorandum’s novelty lies in the fact that a public research institute provides its subject know-how and a TV producer its media expertise to offer a common product of interest to the general public.

In this context, the documentary L’ esperienza VaLe (validation of learning experience) was created. It presents validation of prior leaning (VPL) practices in Europe and shows how useful VPL can be in one’s career and life, through stories of four main characters in the process of validating their skills. The stories were selected from good practices identified by ISFOL and represent various target groups, such as mobile workers, unemployed people at risk of social exclusion, migrants, unemployed young women, as well as NEETs (people not in education, employment, or training). The documentary also includes interviews with national and European experts.

The documentary went on air on RAI channels in April 2015 and is available on the RAI website. It was also screened at the Lifelong guidance and counseling conference in Florence chaired by Unesco in June 2015, and will be featured at many future public events.

Within the same framework, ISFOL and RAI are producing a weekly TV programme, Il posto giusto (The right place), dealing with the world of work, offering guidance for job-seekers and informing about the Youth guarantee programme.

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