Germany has difficulty in satisfying demand for skilled professionals yet young people in the country are losing their interest in training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM professions).

Many refugees are entering Germany, offering a challenge to society in which education plays a key role. Education supports immigrant integration, including many children and young people. Immigrant integration also raises many questions, such as their legal situation, opportunities that exist in different areas of education, and the support that is available. A comprehensive dossier from Eduserver provides a systematic and edited overview of basic information on asylum in Germany, and also addresses different areas of education and employment (childcare institutions, school legislation in different federal states, instructional material, access to vocational education and higher education, access to employment, youth work with often unaccompanied refugees). An English language dossier has been compiled especially for international users:

Eduserver is the central guide to education in Germany. It is a service jointly offered by the federal government (Bund) and the states (Länder) and is coordinated by the German Institute for International Education Research.

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