The 2021 annual meeting of Cedefop community of apprenticeship experts will take place in the form of a virtual event on 16 September 2021 from 09.30 to 13.00 CET.

The main objectives of this year's virtual annual meeting are discussing the 2021 Community activities (progress, messages, dissemination) and identifying operational and organisational improvements for the future.


Cedefop and the OECD announce the 2021 joint symposium on Apprenticeships for greener economies and societies.

The event will take place on 21-22 October 2021 (virtual event).

UPDATE 19 October: Updated Programme is now available.

Please, note the platform will be accessible at 09:45 CET on each day.

Summaries of the papers that will be presented and short bios of presenters have been added below.

Paper summaries and short bios

Preregistration of general participants remains open until Wednesday 20 October, 17:00 CET.
To preregister, check the privacy statement and click here.

You may contact apprenticeship-team [at] (Cedefop apprenticeship team) for further clarifications.

See more on Cedefop and OECD joint work on apprenticeship on the 2019 joint Cedefop/OECD symposium on The next steps for apprenticeship, which resulted in a publication of 16 selected contributions


The 19th ReferNet annual Plenary meeting will be attended by the 29 partners under the 2020-23 Framework Partnership Agreement as well as the national representatives for ReferNet.

The meeting will inform on the latest EU VET policy developments, the outcomes of the 2021 work plan and the preparation of the 2022 work plan.

The following topics will feature on the agenda: integrated monitoring approach for the VET recommendation and the Osnabrück Declaration, Mobility Scoreboard, Teachers’ and trainers’ professional development to support inclusive and sustainable learning, etc.


The conference will present the initial findings of Cedefop’s project on Microcredentials for labour market education and training.

The discussion will focus on the results of the mapping exercise regarding the role, the perceived relevance and use of microcredentials within vocational and professional education but also their independent use by companies and sectors.

The event will gather selected international experts and researchers from different angles to support the understanding of how microcredentials are influencing national and international qualifications and certification systems.

Career guidance is recognised as an essential service and learning resource that can support and enable individuals throughout life. Former and newly enacted EU policies reinforce and affirm the importance of lifelong guidance. More recent policy initiatives since 2020 increase attention on guidance provisions and services...

Career guidance is recognised as an essential service and learning resource that can support and enable individuals throughout life. Former and newly enacted EU policies reinforce and affirm the importance of lifelong guidance. More recent policy initiatives since 2020 increase attention on guidance provisions and services, particularly in facilitating engagement in re- and upskilling, preventing exclusion, and widening opportunities for all individuals to shape their career and skills development in a holistic way, in a lifelong learning perspective. Partnerships, strategic cooperation, and coordination have been a means to build better guidance systems, and there are calls for their strengthening.

CareersNet, Cedefop’s network of independent experts in lifelong guidance and career development was created in 2017 to collect comparable and reliable information on a European scale in the field of lifelong guidance and career development for informing improvements in national systems, policies, and practices. The network also generates new knowledge while offering members opportunities for peer learning and collegial exchange. Insights are shared on national developments and the national relevance of EU initiatives, independently of changes in national or European policy. CareersNet experts provide and analyse content for Cedefop’s EU+ online Inventory of lifelong guidance systems and practices.

CareersNet will convene again remotely for its fifth annual meeting on 6 and 7 December 2021. The event partner this year is the Slovenian Government with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Department of Educational Development and Quality. Each year the network partners with a European national institution responsible for career guidance and career development. In order to promote quality lifelong guidance and career development across Europe, this year the event has been added to the Slovenian Presidency calendar as an accompanying event.

Invited partners will attend sessions on Day One of the event alongside Cedefop and CareersNet members, and Day Two is dedicated to network management and is attended by network members.

The event will include thematic presentations by the Slovenian event partner on the first day, focusing on governance and cross-sectoral and service partnerships and good practices essential in successful lifelong guidance and career development systems in order to provide equitable, high-quality lifelong career development and learning for individuals of all ages.

Day One: Plenary sessions and group work, peer exchange opportunities and information on Cedefop studies and other relevant news from Cedefop and other participants will be included in the event Agenda. Other topics include highlights of the Cedefop project on (national/regional) approaches to and standards in monitoring and evaluation in career guidance systems, new developments in Cedefop’s work on accessible labour market and skills intelligence and its implications for career guidance, follow up on the CareersNet collection of working papers in Digital transitions – Rethinking professionalism of career practitioners in the digital context.

Day Two: Network participants will discuss topics in the field, network activities and developments that took place in 2021 and since the last annual meeting in October 2020, and those planned for the next period. Network discussions will include the 2021-2022 updating of the online EU+ Inventory of lifelong guidance systems and practices.

New members will be welcomed and oriented, as the network transitions to its new mandate period this year - amidst the societal transformations and changes in working and learning experienced prior to and since the pandemic. Mutual exchange of experiences in what regards current national developments and closer policy cooperation, collaboration and partnerships surrounding guidance systems will also be a priority, particularly as new directions are charted.

The event is for members and representatives of the partner institution and is by invitation only. Other invited institutional participants include the European Commission and the European Training Foundation (ETF). The agenda and updates/changes will be made as information becomes available closer to the event.

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