The goal of this programme is to keep job-seekers as close to the labour market as possible and to help improve their employability by directing specific groups of subsidised unemployed people (aged 45 and above or unemployed for six months or more) to training or occupational programmes.

It is structured around a set of eight different strands with particular emphasis on improvement of job-seekers’ employability through specific measures, including:

  • a scheme that requires net employment creation (Estímulo 2012). It is targeted at those unemployed for at least six months and employers must provide relevant training and receive for six months a subsidy of up to 60% of the salary;
  • provision of job search training within two weeks of job-seeker registration, closer interaction with job-seekers and use of profiling tools to identify those at greatest risk of long-term unemployment;
  • assistance to unemployed young people in searching for posted vacancies; internships/placements in companies or vocational training programmes in the EU youth opportunities initiative;
  • implementation of approaches to improve a job-seeker’s qualifications (Modalidade de Intervenção Vida Ativa) by shortening the duration between the public employment service registration and start of part-time training programmes (either to acquire new competences or to reinforce existing professional competences).

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