Vandenbrande, Tom; Coppin, Laura; van der Hallen, Peter

Summary: This report sets out a descriptive analysis of the data collected by the Eurobarometer Survey (2005). It examines two key areas of enquiry: geographical mobility and job mobility. Mobility appears to be not always the result of individual choices. Indeed, mobility, particularly job mobility, is often found to be a characteristic of the more vulnerable groups in society.

The analysis also shows that mobility-related decisions are the result of important and often difficult trade-offs. People attracted by the idea of making a long-distance move report that they fear the loss of contact and support from family and relatives. It would also appear that what is good for the EU as a whole greater overall levels of mobility is not necessarily reflected in how individuals feel about mobility in their own lives.

ISBN: 92-897-0955-3
Catalogue no.: TJ-76-06-207-EN


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