Cedefop’s medium-term priorities set out the main areas of the Centre’s work in 2012-2014, including how it will support the modernisation of vocational training streams, its skills forecasting activities and its focus on adult and work-based learning.

The policy context sets the parameters for Cedefop's medium-term priorities, 2012-14. This period coincides with the timeframe for short-term results of the Bruges Communiqué. To help implement them, the Communiqué has entrusted Cedefop with a range of tasks.


Cedefop's work also relates to other actions in Europe 2020 flagship initiatives and the wider policy framework. To ensure the best use of its resources, Cedefop will focus on certain priorities.

• Priority 1 examines developments in vocational education and training systems;
• Priority 2 looks at vocational education and training from the standpoint of learners;
• Priority 3 focuses on the impact of external factors on training, skills and competence.