Cooperation between vocational education and training (VET) schools and companies is essential to improving the quality of apprenticeships.

The recently completed Leonardo da Vinci VET-Enterprise cooperation for quality assurance of VET placements and apprenticeships: Introducing Q-Placements model project (2013-15) demonstrated that joint workshops are efficient in creating mutual understanding between tutors from schools and mentors from enterprises.

The project offers guidelines (in English, Latvian, Dutch, Spanish and Slovenian) for designing and conducting joint workshops supporting high quality apprenticeships. The guidelines outline the content and methodology for joint workshops; provide the template programme, and offer conclusions and recommendations for efficient work placements.

The project was led by Baltic Bright, Ltd. (Latvia) in partnership with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the National Centre for Education (Latvia), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Terrassa (Spain), MBO Raad (the Netherlands) and the National Institute for Vocational education and Training (Slovenia).

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