Stage4eu is a mobile app and a website for young people interested in an internship in Europe. The service provides information, testimonials, useful advice and the most interesting internship opportunities in European countries. The homepage of the Stage4eu website offers constantly updated news on the release of new European internship programs and on the main events on mobility and training abroad, while more detailed information is also available for interested users.

The app offers a personalised push notifications service. Once the app has been downloaded, users can set their preferences by selecting the countries and professional areas in which they would like to do an internship, to receive notifications of internship offers that meet the selected criteria on their smartphone – daily, weekly or once a month.

Stage4eu is also available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This e-tool is a complete guide, divided into four sections, to be consulted before, during and after an internship. The sections contain:

  • INTERNSHIP INFO – Everything you need to know before starting searching for an internship: what an internship is and how it works in Europe; essential prerequisites for an internship abroad; documents required for an application; how to write your CV and tackle the selection process; how to ‘live’ the internship and make the most of the experience once you return home.
  • DESTINATION EUROPE – Several useful channels for internship search are presented: Erasmus+, Your First Eures Job, International Students Associations, International Organizations and reviews of the main Italian and European websites dealing with international internships.
  • PROTAGONISTS – A collection of testimonials from ‘internship protagonists’: euro-interns share their experiences and hosting companies explain what they expect from interns.
  • COUNTRY CARDS – ‘Internship cards’ from European countries are available. For each individual country, specific information about the internship regulation is provided, sources and references to research an internship, useful general information (language, currency, cost of living, etc.) and tips for finding accommodation at cheap prices. Each card includes a list of useful addresses.

Internship opportunities are selected by the Stage4eu staff based on a special check list verifyng the quality of the offers and then are published on the website and app.

INAPP (National Institute for Public Policy Analysis) provides this service for free.