In the 2010/2011 school year, a VET teacher adjustment year pilot program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research, universities and VET institutions, will be carried out. The adjustment year program is a tool to bring new VET teachers effectively into schools and will offer a sound pedagogical training.

Vocational teachers have different backgrounds, some of them have upper-secondary vocational education and some have tertiary education. Some teachers start teaching in VET institutions right after graduation, some after working in a specific field. Adjustment year allows teachers as well as schools to adapt to a new situation. For teachers, it means working and learning at the same time. During this period, the school will be responsible for assigning a mentor - an experienced VET teacher - who guides and consults the new colleague in planning and analysing his/her activities. As a result of the adjustment year, teachers will be better prepared to take the VET teachers professional examination.

The activities of this program will be carried out through collaboration between VET institutions and universities who coordinate the adjustment year support program and the training of new teachers and their mentors. The activities are funded from the European Social Fund programs.