The latest issue of the ECVET magazine is available for download.

The eight issue of the ECVET Magazine was prepared by the ECVET Support Team which coordinates the ECVET Network. It contains:

  • An editorial by Madlen Serban, Director of the European Training Foundation (ETF);
  • An article by Thierry Lefeuvre about the ECVET mobility seminar offered by the ECVET Team;
  • An article by Elena Camiletti about the newly established ECVET national contact/coordination/reference points;
  • An article by Carlo Frising, Conseiller de direction, Chambre des salariés Luxembourg (CSL) about a conference on ECVET that took place at CSL in October 2011; 
  • An article about an ECVET workshop in Berlin that took also place in October 2011 - including interviews with Nela Plugarescu, National centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Development in Romania; with Aira Rajamäki, Consellor of Education VET, Finnish National Board of Education and with Recep Altin, Deputy Director, Ministry of National Education, Project Coordination Centre, Turkey
  • A reference to the ECVET resources available on the ECVET team website;
  • A calendar with the dates of the upcoming ECVET-Network activities;
  • An announcement of the 2012 annual ECVET Forum in on 31 May-1 June in Brussels.


ECVET Magazine 8-2012