Within the reference framework established by the Conclusions of the Council of the European Union (2004) on "Identification and validation of non-formal and informal learning", the valuing of lifelong and lifewide learning outcomes achieved in non-formal and informal contexts constitutes the general theme of the Conference. T

he European Qualifications Framework and its approach represents based on learning outcomes represents the most recent sign of this valuing of learning. While the Qualifications Framework highlights the relevance and current character of the process of learning validation, it is no less certain developing the conditions that best ensure quality and social credibility of the process represents an actual challenge.

The Conference provides a forum for reflection and debate within this major theme, aiming particularly at: 

  • Assessing progress achieved, at European and international level, regarding the valuing of learning outcomes irrespective of origin and status;
  • Analysing European and international experiences and solutions in terms of policies on valuing, in general, and validation of non-formal and informal learning, in particular;
  • Examining the relevance and usefulness of non-formal and informal learning validation process from the perspective of the lifelong learner;
  • Identifying quality assurance, credibility and social acceptance procedures being developed by the non-formal and informal learning validation systems.