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All the guides follow a common structure, although they vary in level of detail, technical content and case studies. The ETF, Cedefop and the ILO worked closely together to develop the guides, usually with one agency/organisation taking the lead and the others providing inputs, case studies, comments and reviews. All guides have undergone extensive validation and peer review; they were also discussed in detail in international expert seminars in which academic representatives, anticipation and matching experts, and potential end-users from across the world provided comments and feedback on content and usability. Experts and staff of the three organisations also peer reviewed the guides before their publication.

This volume covers the role of employment service providers in skills anticipation and matching and aims to support transition and developing countries in establishing and strengthening the role of these providers. It identifies outstanding initiatives and good practices from around the world, and gives insights into strategic choices and experimental practices that different countries have undertaken in their attempts to match skills supply with labour market demands. The examples provided make this publication a useful tool for labour market actors such as training providers, guidance and counselling officers, administrators and researchers. It is especially valuable for managers and professionals working in organisations that provide employment services.


The role of employment service providers

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