Sweden has launched a new vocational qualification test, intending to match vocational education and labour market needs better, to support collaboration between schools and working life, and to try to identify what kind of job a certain vocational programme prepares for.

Initially this is a pilot lasting until 2021, involving a few schools; should it prove successful it will be included as a regular part of upper secondary school and adult education. The Swedish National Agency for Education will support those participating in the pilot on the basis of individual need.

The vocational qualification test should correspond to EQF4 and will be developed jointly by a vocational teacher and a representative of the trade, industry or stakeholder for which the qualification is intended. The vocational teacher must be an employee in the school in which the vocational qualification test is to be tried out so, that the teacher can check if the education leads to the skills intended. The trade representative must be approved by a committee of stakeholders. The purpose is to ensure that the qualification test is relevant at national level.

Vocational qualification tests are to be tested in municipal adult education at upper secondary level as well as in vocational programmes and in introductory programmes in upper secondary school. Procedures for assessing the vocational qualification test in an equivalent and professional manner will also be developed.

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