Year 2017 has been declared the Year of skills, aiming to developing a mind-set that craftsmanship and skills are appreciated in society and on the labour market.

With events all over Estonia, young people and adults will be encouraged to use a wide range of opportunities to learn and improve their skills. Public debate on future skills, and on the links between education system outcomes and the labour market, will be actively promoted.

The target group for the Year of skills includes pupils of general education schools, teachers, parents, adults and employers. Each month, at least one national event, and in parallel several regional and local events, will be organised. At national level, traditional events such as the skills competition Noor Meister, Opinion festival in Paide, Youth information fair Teeviit, will showcase the wide range of lifelong learning opportunities and boost discussions on the future of skills. At local level, schools, employers and other partners will organise open days, skills competitions, interns and career days, workshops, seminars, conferences, information events, fairs and campaigns.

One third of adults aged 25 to 64 in Estonia have neither a professional nor vocational education. The government objective is to reduce this share to less than 25% by 2020. The new coalition government´s aim is to guarantee that all young people acquire at least secondary education or a professional qualification. The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research believes that the Year of skills will contribute to achieving these targets.

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