The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the new occupational skill profiles (OSPs) and continue the process of their evaluation and validation. 

Cedefop has been involved in developing OSPs since 2010. The initial work was published in Cedefop research paper Quantifying skill needs in Europe - Occupational skills profiles: methodology and application. Because of key data limitations the initial OSPs were heavily based on US O*NET. The more recent research has explored how these can be enriched by the incorporation of data from the OECD's PIAAC database and other sources. A key objective of the workshop is to test the quality of these results. A particular aim of the workshop as a whole is to assess the value of these new developments, with a special focus on the skills needed in ICT and “Green” jobs.

Due to Cedefop's new responsibility for the EUSP, and its involvement in ESCO, the results also need to be assessed in the context of supporting these activities. Another key objective is therefore to assess how far the OSPs add value to existing Labour Market Information (LMI) on skills and related issues at a pan-European level.

The general conclusions from the workshop will shed light on how much they reflect reality and whether (or not) the OSPs can be used to inform policy makers and other labour market actors.

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23/04/2015 - 24/04/2015
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Restricted participation
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Summary of Prague workshop



Alena Zukersteinova