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Qualifications have great value as they are used by people to progress in education and training and to find employment. Qualification holders who have completed a programme and passed the required exam must inspire confidence that they have acquired the learning outcomes associated with the qualification. The role of certification in safeguarding this confidence and trust is crucial. A transparent and quality-assured certification process becomes even more important nowadays, with qualification systems increasingly allowing qualifications to be acquired through different learning pathways.

This report provides interesting insights into how the certification process quality is ensured in IVET. It explores national approaches in 12 European countries and identifies eight key quality features, which guarantee that the certification processes are consistent across a VET system. This publication discusses key messages and recommendations for policy-makers, bodies involved in certification, and practitioners, and hopes to stimulate further debate, research and action in Europe.

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Ensuring the quality of certification in vocational education and training

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Ensuring the quality of certification in vocational education and training

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