Adapting VET for the future of work

The trend towards greater digitalisation and automation in EU job markets highlights a need for both initial and continuing VET systems to adapt and integrate digital changes into more flexible and modern VET infrastructure, programmes and curricula, to adequately prepare citizens for the challenges of the future(s) of work.

Cedefop’s Digitalisation, AI and future of work project collects information on the extent to which initial VET but also higher and continuing VET are responding to the challenges associated with the introduction of automation, advanced robotics, AI and other Industry 4.0 technologies in economies. It also focuses on the extent to which VET systems are themselves using digital technologies for facilitating distance and online student learning.

Based on insights from Cedefop’s ReferNet network, the project collects country-specific insights on national policy strategies and VET policy programmes or initiatives responding to digitalisation, use of AI/big data methods for identifying skill needs and recent national initiatives and training programmes for adapting to automation and AI.    

Key outputs:

Refernet’s country thematic perspectives reports on VET for the future of work are available here.


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