Members of Cedefop community of apprenticeship experts will meet to discuss recent work and future activities during the community annual meeting (8 October 2019, Paris).

Cedefop community of apprenticeship experts aims at strengthening and expanding the knowledge on apprenticeships in Europe. The voluntary long-term collaboration of community experts amongst themselves and with Cedefop is expected to generate insights on national developments regarding apprenticeships, cover existing gaps in information retrieval from the countries in specific areas of concern and provide the knowledge base for comparative analysis. 

During the 2019 annual meeting, community members will discuss lessons learnt from the update and revision of Cedefop European database of apprenticeship schemes and they will engage in knowledge building activities (presentations by selected community members). Moreover, they will plan ahead future research work on their topics of interest (apprenticeship governance and apprenticeship training delivery).


Members of the community are experts with solid expertise on apprenticeships, coming from several EU Member States, plus Norway and Iceland. As specialised, stable reference points in their countries, and through their active participation in the community, they are expected to improve the understanding of apprenticeship systems and schemes across countries and ultimately support their quality implementation in Europe.

The community was launched in 2018 and is engaged in activities that consolidate existing and produce new knowledge regarding apprenticeships in Europe.


The event is addressed only to experts already nominated in the community, i.e. is not open to general audience.

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