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Ensuring that EU countries develop robust skills anticipation to inform responsive VET systems is a key pillar of the Skills agenda for Europe. But to have an impact, skills intelligence requires good skills governance, feeding into VET and employment policies with wide outreach to diverse potential users.

In 2015 Cedefop initiated a country support scheme to assist the EU strategy of improving skills governance in its Member States. Cedefop has recently concluded four skills governance country reviews in Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Estonia, following pilots in Malta and Iceland.

This report summarises key insights of the skills governance review in Greece. In recent years Greece has developed an innovative mechanism for labour market diagnosis, to design informed skills and employment policies. This report, and the consensus-based policy roadmap developed, provides further direction so that timely skills intelligence can strategically support Greece’s recovery to sustainable economic growth and competitiveness.

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Strengthening skills anticipation and matching in Greece

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