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Companies wish to improve their employees’ skills for a specific job; employees have an interest in developing skills that can generally raise their career and employment prospects. But can these potentially conflicting goals be balanced? Can workplaces become learning places where workers of all levels are encouraged to improve their knowledge, skills and competence?

Clearly, encouraging a company culture that make it easier for citizens to keep learning and promotes corporate responsibility and social cohesion is a smart strategy for government. The success stories collected in this paper illustrate some of the ingenious solutions that have been devised by social partners working together with national, regional and local authorities.


Lernen bei der Arbeit - Erfolgsgeschichten aus dem betrieblichen Lernen in Europa

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Learning while working - Success stories on workplace learning in Europe

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Apprendre en travaillant - Apprendre en contexte professionnel: exemples de réussite en Europe

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