The Slovenian Qualifications Framework Act came into force in January 2016, laying down the Slovenian qualifications framework (SQF) as a uniform system of qualifications.

The act sets out the basic concepts (qualification, learning outcomes, competence, etc.), referencing the SQF levels with the European qualifications framework (EQF) for lifelong learning and the European higher education area qualifications framework (QF-EHEA) procedures. It also determines the responsibilities for classifying qualifications.

A national coordination point for the SQF was established in the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for VET (CPI), as was the register (database) for the SQF qualifications. The SQF has 10 levels, enabling flexible links between the education and qualification structures, and capturing both national educational and labour market traditions. This act marked the inclusion in the SQF of all qualifications that can be acquired in Slovenia.

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