In the past decade, Romania has implemented national strategies for both continuing VET (2005-10, Ministry of Labour) and lifelong learning (2015-20, Ministry of National Education). These prepared the ground for the Adult National Training Strategy 2023-27 which is still being developed under the Erasmus project Adult National Training Strategy (ANTS).

The country is facing several skills-related challenges that the strategy hopes to address. Its overall objective is to increase the rate of adult learning participation from the current 1.3% to 12% by 2027, by intensifying and improving the provision of formal, non-formal and informal learning opportunities. This overall objective is supported by five specific objectives, each including a range of measures and actions:

  • stronger partner involvement in developing the strategic framework for adult vocational training;
  • improving personalised and specific offer of formal, non-formal, and informal learning;
  • creating a culture of learning for better access to lifelong learning for adults;
  • ensuring quality in adult vocational training, and promoting inclusion and social equity in lifelong learning;
  • developing adults’ green and digital skills.    

The measures and actions of the forthcoming strategy were formulated on the five priority areas established by the Council Resolution on a new European plan for adult learning (2021-30), in coordination with the actions included in the National Employment Strategy 2021-2027.

The strategy was drafted based on extensive consultation (seven regional meetings bringing together local authorities, public employment service, employers, training providers and social partners), and supported by the national coordination and inter-ministerial groups. Indicators are to be developed in order to monitor and measure implementation progress of the strategy planned to be flexible and easy to adapt to the geopolitical and economic developments.

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