Digital community creative workshops (DCCWs) are multifunctional spaces featuring the latest digital devices. They have already been set up in 19 VET centres; the DCCW network will expand to 40 vocational centres in 2020.

Recognising the technological changes of the Industry 4.0 revolution, Hungary has shaped its VET strategy to respond to new challenges and future labour market trends. A main objective of the strategy is the acquisition of digital skills and competences in school-based VET.

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology, responsible for VET and adult learning, aims to develop upper secondary VET as the ‘entry stage’ for engineer training; this goal is supported by the creative digital workshops measure. The measure is funded from the budget of the national project Comprehensive development of the VET institutional system, aiming to train VET learners to acquire 21st century skills using smart technologies.

Digital community creative workshops are a space for educational innovation and creative learning in VET centres. Compared to traditional school workshops, they offer learners a place to unfold their talents and materialise their ideas with state-of-art technology: computer design, 3D-printing, laser cutting, microelectronics, computer numerical control (CNC) machining or programmed sewing machines. Learners can test traditional professions as well.

DCCWs are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. Teaching is project- based; space is given to self-learning and learning-by-doing approaches, as well as developing creativity and critical thinking. Workshop instructors (teachers recruited from VET schools and workshop assistants) are properly trained on new teaching methods to offer quality training on new digital tools and technologies.

Two types of workshop are in place. Talent care workshops target mostly lower secondary learners who may familiarise themselves with new digital devices not available in school-based settings, and discover their talents and future career pathways. Catch-up programmes are also in place for upper secondary learners to expand or refresh their knowledge and interest in the chosen programme specialisation. Their aim is to support learners in staying in education and reduce dropouts.

Creative workshops operate as a community space offering career guidance and orientation through experience to lower secondary learners (grades 6 and 7) as well, to help them make the right career choice; the initiative is expected to improve quality and attractiveness of school-based VET. DCCWs are open to all age-school and pre-school groups, including citizens (the last, following agreement).

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