Cedefop’s ReferNet network has prepared national reports on guidance and outreach for the upskilling of vulnerable groups.

The reports reflect efforts by European Union Member States to reach groups affected by unemployment and inactivity and help them reengage in learning and employment. They particularly focus on the support provided to young adults not in employment, education or training (NEETs) and the long-term unemployed. They describe large scale outreach programmes which are key in the support of groups at risk, wherever Member States have implemented them.

These reports provide important insights for policy-making, supporting countries in the take-up of initiatives under the European Commission’s New skills agenda for Europe. The analysis is particularly relevant for the implementation of measures associated with the upskilling pathways initiative.

The main policy conclusions derived from the national reports are synthesised in the briefing note Reaching out to ‘invisible’ young people and adults.

Further information on guidance activities can be found in Cedefop’s lifelong guidance project page.