EU and central Asian education ministers agreed on cooperation in higher and vocational education on their first meeting held in Riga in June 2015, under the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU).

The ministers adapted a Joint communiqué of the first meeting of the EU and central Asian ministers for education on cooperation in higher and vocational education and an Indicative roadmap of activities for 2015-18. The activities will be implemented in the framework of the EU-funded Erasmus+ programme and the Central Asia Education Platform[G1]  (2015-18). On the EU side, Latvia will keep a leading role in VET cooperation. 

Development of qualification frameworks and standards, quality assurance and accreditation, and employment and labour market needs are three main areas of cooperation.  Peer learning, working groups, conferences and other information exchange activities are foreseen in 2015-16. Mobility projects will strengthen teachers' professional development and promote graduate employability.

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 [G1] Capitls retained here because of extensive use in other areas (web research) but not justified in Cedefop style.