During the latest expert workshop on skills forecast, which took place in Thessaloniki on 23 and 24 November, Cedefop announced a new collaboration with Eurofound.

Cedefop has been producing regular skills forecasts, looking into employment trends of sectors, occupations, and qualifications, for over a decade now. Over the same period, Eurofound has been running the European job monitor, producing proxies of, among other, job quality, wages, skills levels and task structure.

Cooperation between the two institutions was announced with the aim to extend the focus of the skills forecast to include the European job monitor. Such analysis will strengthen Europe’s capacity to better anticipate the future evolution of work and its content. Outcomes of this collaboration will be a joint reference publication and a dissemination event in Brussels in 2018.

On the side of this initiative, Eurofound’s FOME project on the future of manufacturing has utilised Cedefop’s skills forecasting framework to produce various scenarios on behalf of DG GROW. At the same time, the workshop provided a forum for validating this exercise through the scrutiny of Cedefop’s group of individual country experts.

For more information, contact Cedefop expert Ilias Livanos Ilias Livanos

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