Offering NEETs a way to boost their professional prospect, find the training that suits them and land a job: that’s the objective of the ‘Coup de Boost’ project successfully developed in the Charleroi and Mons area since 2016.

In 2018, 13.4% of 18 to 24 year-olds in Wallonia were neither employed nor in education or training (NEETs). To motivate these NEETs, two years ago the FOREM (1) and labour union organisations (2) initiated the ‘Coup de Boost’ project in Charleroi and Mons with the support of the EGF (3). Thanks to ‘Coup de Boost’, these young people, who are often low-skilled or have experienced a long period of inactivity, benefit from personalised guidance and support in developing their plan for the future and finding training and/or a job.

Complementary methods of support

The programme combines group coaching, which takes advantage of the motivating dynamic of the group, and individual interviews, which offer each young person appropriate and personalised follow-up.

The NEETs involved in the programme benefit from:

  • group activities on topics related to their job search (preparation for a job interview, job applications, etc.) as well as continuing education (social rights, labour law, etc.);
  • activities exploring the professional environment and training (company visits, occupations in demand, traineeships, etc.);
  • activities to develop self-confidence and communication;
  • individual discussions with counsellors and/or social support guides supporting each young person in defining his/her career plan;
  • access to an array of self-service resources in an environment supporting job search (computer equipment with internet connection, telephone, specialised documentation, etc.);
  • support with administrative procedures.

290 NEETs guided towards jobs and training

Since the project was launched in September 2016, 290 young people have participated. In 2018, a year after their participation, of the 165 young people supported, 73 have found a job, and 32 are involved in a training programme or have resumed their studies. This represents a total of 63% of ‘positive outcomes’.

Given the good results of the project, ‘Coup de Boost’ was also expanded to the provinces of Namur and Luxembourg since the beginning of 2019.

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(1) The Forem is the public service for employment and training in Wallonia.

(2) The FGTB-ABVV (General Federation of Labour in Belgium) and the ACV-CSC (Confederation of Christian Trade Unions).

(3) European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.