The European Union has inscribed the foundations of a "Space of liberty, security and justice" in the Treaties of Maastricht and Amsterdam, destined to insure the free circulation of people and to adopt appropriate measures to control the exterior boarder, to respect the right of asylum, immigration and the prevention and fight against criminality.

Migratory movement of men and women, from third countries, aspiring to live in Europe for economic and/or political reasons evolve from year to year. They call for renewed policies, all the more so since enlargement towards the East has redefined the boarders of the European Union. The European Union, the Member States and their administrations see themselves confronted to new challenges in welcoming, sometimes urgently, populations in danger, and at the same time, take into account the integration of people who will remain on the territory.

The corpus of rules concerning The space of liberty, security and justice as well as the regulations of the Member States of the E.U. are constantly evolving. This implies a significant need for continuing education among the actors behind these policies.

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14/03/2006 - 25/11/2006
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