Academic and professional training can play an important role in responding to the current global and economic crisis on the one hand and to meet the increasing need for large scale education on the other.

A closer relationship between educational programs and local development can contribute to ensure compliance with the changing labour and social landscape, enhancing the countries development and competitiveness.

The Workshop themes cover many aspects of distance and lifelong learning, including:

  • Vocational guidance and professional re-training
  • New frontiers for postgraduate education: matching the new demands of the market economy
  • Universities and small and medium enterprises for a sustainable knowledge-based economy
  • The role of instructional technology in scientific subjects implementation
  • Collaborative scenario for mathematical subjects: international networks and partnerships
  • Teacher training and qualification improvement
  • Teachers and universities capacity building in developing countries
  • Partnership and Networking in Higher Education
  • Intervention projects in Developing Countries: professional re-training and social promotion of citizens
  • New flexible learning models: e-learning, blended learning and triple learning
  • Web 2.0: uses and abuses
  • M-learning development, design and implementation

The Workshop will give participants the opportunity to meet each other in a multicultural environment and to share and exchange experiences in order to strengthen the relationship between academic research and practical applications.

Event details

Event Date(s)
18/03/2010 - 19/03/2010
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