The Minister for education presented the national programme for the development of education Learning Slovakia to the Education, Youth, Science and Sports parliamentary committee on 29 May 2017.

The authors of Learning Slovakia were also present at the hearing. Members of parliament did not raise any objections concerning the chapter on VET. The head of the parliamentary committee, representing the governing coalition, made firm suggestions concerning further transformation of VET. Political parties shared a positive opinion and supported the completion of the document. It was agreed that authors would reflect upon comments made by members of parliament and by the public (through an online public consultation process), and present the final version to the committee by 31 August 2017. The final version of Learning Slovakia needed unilateral support to be submitted for approval by the government.

The first phase of the public consultation process, concerning regional schooling and VET, started on 15 October 2016, when the 2030 objectives were presented.

The two-month long second phase of the consultation process ended on 15 May 2017. Most of the 3 975 comments concerned regional education and were mainly related to teachers' salaries, technical equipment in schools, addressing individual learner needs, deinstitutionalisation of compulsory education, and national tests. This phase was based on a document presenting the 2030 objectives, complemented by 458 suggested policy measures.