A VET in Europe country report is part of a series of reports on vocational education and training (VET) produced by each EU Member State plus Norway and Iceland by members of ReferNet, a network established by Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training).

Cedefop has built on the ReferNet country report structure to produce the short description of vocational education and training in Slovakia for its Presidency in the EU in 2016 providing an insight into its main features and by highlighting VET policy developments and current challenges.

The Slovak economy is largely driven by manufacturing and could benefit from more diversification to make it less sensitive to economic shocks and more skill-intensive jobs, encouraging innovation. VET has  traditionally played a strong role, responsible for around two-thirds of graduates at upper secondary level. But qualifications do not always match labour market needs. A ‘dual’ VET scheme was introduced in 2015/16 as one way to address mismatch. First results show greater involvement of employers in VET: it is now in their interest to attract learners and to deliver job-relevant training. The government also intends to promote VET at higher levels to make it more attractive.


Vocational education and training in Slovakia

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