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Workshop on the future of VET

The workshop provides an opportunity for policy-makers, stakeholders, experts and researchers to discuss the challenges and choices facing European VET today. Building on systematic research carried out by Cedefop in recent years, the workshop complements the ongoing political discussion on the future of European VET evidenced in the July 2020 Skills Agenda, the proposal for a VET Council recommendation and the 2020 Osnabrück declaration.     

The workshop will build on the findings of the recently published Cedefop report VET in Europe 1995-2035. From a long-term perspective on European VET developments, the report brings together two major Cedefop research projects: The changing nature and role of VET in Europe (2015-18) and the The future of vocational education and training (VET) (2019-22).

The workshop aims to instigate a discussion on the overall direction European VET is taking.

Presentations and discussions during the first day of the workshop (26 November) will provide a general picture of recent developments. The second day (27 November) will allow for an in-depth discussion of the way VET skills and competences are changing and how this influences their delivery.


Agenda - Future of VET

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ALL Presentations

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01. J. Bjornavold and J. Markowitsch - Decline or expansion where is EuropeanVET heading

EN1.42 MB

02. Scenarios for VET in Europe

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03. J. Shackleton - European VET seen from the outside

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04. A. Pouliou and J. Markowitsch - Future of VET in Europe - challenges and opportunities

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05. M. Virolainen - Transversal skills and competences and the VET curriculum - Finnish perspective

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06. C Plaimauer - Transversal skills and competences on VET practices-policies

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07. M. Noack - Transversal skills and VET curriculum - Competence-Cards

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08. D. Kulss - Key competences in VET

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09. S.Broek K. Luomi-Messener J.Branka - The challenge of reviewing and renewing VET qualfications

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10. T. Deissinger - New arrangements between VET and general education ´Hybrid´

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11. T. Hogarth - New arrangements between VET and general education

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Event Details

26/11/2020 to 27/11/2020
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Event Contacts

Jens Bjørnåvold
Senior expert, project manager
Anastasia Pouliou
Maite Santos