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Public procurement and grants

Cedefop, as an Agency of the European Union, possesses its own legal personality and may enter into contractual relationships with persons, companies and other legal entities. It is therefore subject to the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the Cedefop Financial Regulation and the relevant EU procurement directives for the award of public contracts and Grant agreements, and works in line with the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.

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Privacy Statement on the protection of personal data in relation to Public Procurement

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Title Reference Closing date Status
ICT Network Support Services II (Re-launch)AO/DRS/SAN/ICTNetSS-II/009/18 AO/DRS/SAN/ICTNetSS-II/009/18 28/01/2019 Completed
Long-term cross-country mobility in apprenticeshipsAO/DLE/RCDCR_LRUST/Mobility_in_Apprenticeships/007/18 AO/DLE/RCDCR_LRUST/Mobility_in_Apprenticeships/007/18 27/09/2018 Completed
Provision of Cleaning Services for Cedefop PremisesAO/DRS/ASAIN/CleaningServices/005/18 AO/DRS/ASAIN/CleaningServices/005/18 19/09/2018 Cancelled
ICT Helpdesk Services AO/DRS/SAN-SAK/Helpdesk/006/18 AO/DRS/SAN-SAK/Helpdesk/006/18 10/09/2018 Completed
ICT Network Support ServicesAO/DRS/SAN/ICTNetSS/003/18 AO/DRS/SAN/ICTNetSS/003/18 29/08/2018 Completed
Provision of services related to skills data and intelligenceAO/DSL/AZU/Skillsdata&Intelligence/004/18 AO/DSL/AZU/Skillsdata&Intelligence/004/18 20/08/2018 Completed
Provision of Travel Agency ServicesAO/DRS/JK/TravelAgencyServices/002/18 AO/DRS/JK/TravelAgencyServices/002/18 18/06/2018 Completed
Opinion Survey on AL and CVET in EuropeAO/DLE/DSCHEUR/OpinionSurveyonAL&CVET/001/18 AO/DLE/DSCHEUR/OpinionSurveyonAL&CVET/001/18 18/04/2018 Completed
Ex-ante publicity notice for the provision of audiovisual production servicesNP/DCM/RVOUD-EBAR/Audiovisual_production_services/005/18 NP/DCM/RVOUD-EBAR/Audiovisual_production_services/005/18 07/03/2018 Completed
Ex-ante Publicity Notice for 'Provision of Consumables and Maintenance Kits for XEROX 6180 Printers'NP/DRS/SAN/Xerox_6180_Consumables/004/18 NP/DRS/SAN/Xerox_6180_Consumables/004/18 23/02/2018 Completed
Professional assistance with the pre-selection of a new Director for CedefopNP/DRS/Pre-SelectionDirector/003/18 NP/DRS/Pre-SelectionDirector/003/18 07/02/2018 Completed
Ex-ante publicity noticeProvision of media monitoring services NP/DCM/MWI-COROM/Media_monitoring/012/17 01/11/2017 Completed
Translation servicesAO/DCM/MTA/Translation services/009/17 AO/DCM/MTA/Translation services/009/17 02/10/2017 Completed
VET for labour market integration and social inclusionAO/DLE/IPS/VETforLM&SI/008/17 AO/DLE/IPS/VETforLM&SI/008/17
Extension date and time
Key competences in vocational education and training AO/DSI/DKULSS/Key competences in VET/011/17 AO/DSI/DKULSS/Key competences in VET/011/17 28/09/2017 Completed
Provision of Heating Oil for the Cedefop buildingAO/DRS/KZIOG/HeatingOil/004/17 AO/DRS/KZIOG/HeatingOil/004/17 27/09/2017 Completed
Skills formation and skills matching in online platform work: Practices and policies for promoting crowd workers’ continuing learning AO/DSL/KPOUL/platform-skills/012/17 AO/DSL/KPOUL/platform-skills/012/17 27/09/2017 Completed
Comparing Vocational Education and Training Qualifications: towards a European Comparative MethodologyAO/DSI/JB/Comparing_VET_Qualifications/010/17 AO/DSI/JB/Comparing_VET_Qualifications/010/17 15/09/2017 Completed
ICT Support Services II AO/DRS/SAN/ICTSS-II/006/17 AO/DRS/SAN/ICTSS-II/006/17 12/09/2017 Completed
Complementary pathways for adult refugees: the role of VET, skills and qualificationsAO/DLE/RCDCR/adult refugees and VET/007/17 AO/DLE/RCDCR/adult refugees and VET/007/17 08/09/2017 Completed


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