The ultimate aim of this framework contract is to build up a short-term Sectoral-Based Anticipatory System (SBAS) for labour market trends and skill needs at European level. To this end the framework contract establishes the terms of 4 work assignments aimed at: (1) Development of a suitable SBAS prototype(s) based on a well-defined model design, and preliminary feasibility assessment of the implementation of the System; (2) Implementation and validation of the selected model at an experimental stage, including the definition of institutional and managerial aspects; (3) Further refinement of the System, knowledge transfer and draft guidelines on all the methodological and operational aspects of the System; and (4) Technical and research assistance at the operational phase.

The implementation of each subsequent work assignment is conditional on the acceptance by Cedefop of the approaches proposed by the contractor in previous work assignments. In case the feasibility assessment yields a negative result (1st work assignment), within the scope of the following work assignment the Contracting Authority might ask the Contractor to concentrate solely on developing a “SBAS toolkit” (summarising concepts, methodologies, data and tools) that can be used as a reference model to support transfer of the most promising approach to European Member States.


This call has been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 2011/S 170-279087 of 06/09/2011.


Deadline for submission of tenders: 20/10/2011 (17h00 for hand-delivered tenders).


Requests for additional information/clarification should be received by 11/10/2011.

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AO/AREA/ARANI/Sectoral Based Anticipatory System/017/11


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