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Ensuring that EU countries develop robust skills anticipation to inform responsive VET systems, is a key aim of the skills agenda for Europe. To be impactful, skills intelligence requires good skills governance, feeding into VET and employment policies with wide outreach to diverse potential users.

In 2015, Cedefop initiated a country support scheme to assist the EU strategy of improving skills governance in its Member States. Cedefop has recently concluded four skills governance country reviews in Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece and Slovakia, following pilots in Iceland and Malta.

This report summarises key insights and lessons of the review of skills governance in Bulgaria. The review analyses stakeholder perspectives on current bottlenecks and challenges, identifies development opportunities, and offers a policy roadmap with several specific actions. The roadmap focuses on concrete activities that can be undertaken over the next few years and identifies specific stakeholders responsible for each action. Implementing it could improve the practical use of skills intelligence, better satisfy stakeholder expectations and strengthen skills governance in the country.

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Cedefop (2021). Strengthening skills anticipation and matching in Bulgaria: bridging education and the world of work through better coordination and skills intelligence. Luxembourg: Publications Office. http://data.europa.eu/doi/10.2801/24697


Strengthening skills anticipation and matching in Bulgaria

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