Guidance and career development experts from all EU and accession countries, Cedefop experts and European Commission representatives engaged in the 2nd CareersNet meeting on 7 and 8 June in Thessaloniki.

Participants debated issues related to the development of Cedefop’s network devoted to the policies which support individuals’ careers.

Lifelong guidance, validation and upskilling of adults were debated during the meeting. It was examined how countries can improve national skills strategies, school systems, outreach and enterprise human resources to better support individuals’ careers.

Conclusions highlighted the need for an early education for careers with full community participation and the need to expand young adults’ career support.

The key role of guidance in linking training needs, training offer and skills validation was discussed, noting how it can improve individual career plans and information transmitted between services. Participants also talked about how human resource processes can be improved with correct career development methods and adequate public incentives.

CareersNet’s first public outputs, in 2019, will comprise comparative analysis of career development policies in Europe, including guidance and career education.

The network embodies the core value that individuals learn for life and careers, rather than just for jobs which might be temporary and unstable.