The Council recognises the key role which adult learning can play in meeting the goals of the Lisbon Strategy, by fostering social cohesion, providing citizens with the skills required to find new jobs and helping Europe to better respond to the challenges of globalisation.

In particular, there is a need to:

  • raise the skills levels of a still significant number of low-skilled workers;
  • address the problem of the persistently high number of early school leavers by offering a second chance to those who enter adult age without a qualification;
  • combat social exclusion, paying more attention  to the lifelong learning and training requirements of older workers and migrants;
  • ensure the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of adult learning, with the aim of increasing active participation in such learning.

The Council encourages Member States to reinforce cooperation with Cedefop in order to make full use of its research activities.

OJEU C 140, 6.6.2008, p. 1013