The Ministry of National Education is preparing the Integrated skills strategy (Zintegrowana Strategia Umiejętności - ZSU). Development of the strategy is funded by the ESF under the framework of the partnership agreement of the European Structural and Investment Funds. The strategy focuses on building, maintaining and using the country’s human capital to increase employment and economic growth and promote social inclusion. It covers general and vocational education, and initial, continuing and higher education; it also refers to non-formal and informal learning.

The main goals of the ZSU are:

  • designing a coherent skills development policy;
  • coordinating stakeholder activities;
  • providing equal access to information on skills demand and supply, vocational counselling and supply of education services;
  • increasing knowledge on the benefits of developing skills for individuals, society and economic growth;
  • increasing educational and labour market activity among all social groups, especially among those at risk of poverty.

The starting point in developing the strategy is diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in skills formation in Poland. This should lead to identification of the challenges and priorities of future interventions in skills development. In the current phase of ZSU drafting, a wide range of different stakeholders, especially those related to skills development and skills needs monitoring, have been consulted.

Since January 2018, experts from the Educational Research Institute have been assisting with the analytical part of drafting the strategy.

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