The national ECVET consultation process in the Netherlands has taken place over the past few months. On the basis of the answers, it can be concluded that organizations and experts in the field of education (VET) and employment subscribe in full to the goals ECVET is seeking to achieve.

But, in addition to the questions in the consultation document, a surprisingly large number of respondents address the question whether ECVET is the appropriate tool for achieving these goals. However, the majority of respondents do see possibilities for an adapted ECVET version.

Recommendations In addition, respondents recommend to see the implementation of the EQF conditional to the successful implementation of ECVET and adjust the time-schedule accordingly. Also it is recommended that the further elaboration of ECVET does not become an 'academic exercise'. Respondents recommend support for ECVET pilot projects that focus on the development of relevant practical knowledge and experience.

Source : Ministry of Education, Culture and Science / CINOP

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